Sustainable Mountain Biking in the State of Jefferson

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32 mountain bikers outside of Ashland Mountain Adventures before going to work on the legendary Timewarp trail!

Two years ago, some friends and I made a short video about the Outdoor Program for a class project. We put hours of labor into it, but at the end of the day it was clearly the work of amateurs. So I was thrilled this Fall when our good friend, film-maker and Rogue Rider Chris Myron introduced me to Dustin Fuentes and Michael Bryant, two passionate students in the Emerging Media and Digital Arts program at SOU.

Fuentes and Bryant had a vision – they were putting together a TV spot for SOPTV’s “The Jeffersonian”, and they wanted to focus on mountain biking. Having just helped bring the OP Mountain Bike Program to life, there was nothing I wanted to do more than showcase it to the wider world and get other people excited about getting more students on bikes! We had a great first meeting and arranged for their crew to come out on our Halloween-themed beginner trip in the watershed, as well as an Ashland Mountain Adventures trail work day the same weekend. Their whole team did a great job and were really fun to work with. We even got Dustin on a mountain bike for the first time!

The video below is the result of several days of riding, digging and camaraderie, along with many hours of work by Dustin, Michael, and their team. It gives a brief history of trails in the State of Jefferson (Southern Oregon and Northern California), and transitions into a focus on mountain biking in the second half. Beyond that, I’ll let the video speak for itself. Here it is!


A huge thank you goes out to Dustin Fuentes and Michael Bryant, along with their entire film crew. You all rocked!

And of course there wouldn’t have been a program to speak of without the generous support of the SOU Outdoor Program by: Marin Bikes, Ashland Mountain Adventures, Deity Components, GU Energy, Kali Protectives, Clif Bar, G-Form, Pro Gold Lubricants and Ruby’s Neighborhood Restaurant. Thank you!



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